Whistler Performance Lubricants - Fork Boost Lube

Whistler Performance Lubricants - Fork Boost Lube

We're going to take at some special gear from Whistler Performance Lubricants. It's the Fork Boost - Made specifically for fork and rear shock seals.

Mountain Bikes are pushing an all time high in performance and everyone is pushing their bikes to the limit - especially when it comes to improving traction. The whole line of Fox and Rock Shox forks new and updated air springs are an effort to increase small bump sensitivity. Fork Boost noticeable improves suspension performance in less than 5 minutes.

WPL Fork Boost Lube

Fork Boost is easier to use than lubing your chain - You simply add some to the upper fork tubes or rear shock and pump the suspension a good few times to force the oil behind the seal and it magically forces dirt and gunk up. Really it's that good. 

WPL Fork Boost - How to Use

Once you wipe the excess off you'll notice an increase in smoothness and on the trail small bump sensitivity. Its like getting a ride in right after a lower leg service. You can use Fork Boost as much as you want, but we recommend every two or three rides for best performance. Regular use will keep the seals fresh.

We've found multiple uses for this wonderful product - Fork and Rear shock seals, dropper post seals and even soaking your fork foam rims when you carry out a full or lower leg service. 

WPL uses a special combination of natural anti-oxidants, oleochemicals and seed oils to create a product that surpasses petroleum based lubes and does not wreck havoc on the environment.

What's even better Fork Boost and along with the whole range of Whistler Performance Lubricants is that it is completely biodegradable, eco-friendly and free of cancer inducing PTFE. It will not harm you or the environment - Unlike petroleum based products that actually cause health problems and are extremely destructive to the environment you can use the WPL line of products and not feel guilty about trashing the same forests you ride in. All WPL products are made in Canada.

Be sure to check out the whole range of WPL products - Whether you are rebuilding your fork or rear shock, lubing your chain or cleaning your bike there is something for you.