Environmental Impact

De-Forestation is not good for the planet

With no forests there is no biking, no birds or forest creatures and no clean air. And how would you like to fuel your next ride, with toxic contaminated food?

Getting out on the bike is great - you get to explore, pump more blood, learn new skills and take a step to improving your health and well being. You might even see a kangaroo or a UFO.

We will no longer be stocking petroleum based lubricants. Petroleum based lubricants leach into the waterways and soil affecting plants, human health, earth's beautiful shrooms and life supporting micro-organisms. There is simply no need for petroleum based lubricants on your bike. Research has shown exposure to petroleum based lubricants increases your risk of cancers and is toxic to all marine life and forest creatures. You can pull up the MSDS on any of the products you have and check for yourself.  I'm sure we have all seen the gnarly warnings on the latest "super rad bicycle specific grease"  but completely choose to ignore them. Close your eyes long enough and it all will be gone.

There is alternatives, Whistler Performance Lubricants offer some of the best lubricants for your bike, chains, forks and shocks and they are completely bio-based. The best thing is they offer superior performance without trashing mother earth.

We choose to only work with manufacturers that produce bikes sustainably and we are not aligned with brands that want to produce a new bike model every year for the sake of making more money - your 1 year old bike is plenty good.

Our packaging has been transitioned to 100% renewable plant based satchels, recyclable mailers and 100% bio-degradable tapes. You can re-use your packaging by layering it in your compost stack and feeding the worms.