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Alligator iLink Brake Cable set

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A complete system of outers, liners and inner cables produce one of the smoothest, lightest shifting systems available. Those with a keen eye would have noticed this is what Alberto Contador runs on all his bikes and he's known to be fastidious with his equipment choices. The iLink brake kit will improve shifting over standard brake housing - not only does it resist flex and compression its super smooth which reduces brake lever effort. You will notice improved modulation and outright braking power increase.

The unique ball and socket joints create a stiff cable housing but also allows the cable to follow a really tight radius. The stiff housing results in gear shifts that are more responsive and far smoother than standard housing. The Alligator iLinks are lighter than a standard housing set and they utilise a PTFE lining that can be re-used and replaced and there is no need to resize gear housing as you change components, you simple remove or add links to adjust cable length. The iLink system is impervious to dirt and grime as it's a completely sealed system. It can be routed internally or with external routing options as the kit contains 5mm cable stops.

The iLink system includes PTFE coated cables, however it is compatible with standard 1.6mm gear inners. The Kit includes everything needed to complete a complete gear shift system on either a road bike or MTB.

  • Compression free housing system
  • Length can be shortened and lengthed according to bike setup
  • Internal liner can be replaced
  • Compatible with standard 1.6mm brake cables
  • Half the weight of standard housing kits