Aspide Racing Open Black Ed

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All day comfort

The Aspide has had a a cult following for many years,it is said once riders have transitioned over to the legendary Aspide shape saddle shopping simply stops right there. Now the latest revision, is even more comfortable and suits a wider range of riders. A base of of Carbon Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is supportive and allows controlled flex for a comfortable fit with even pressure distribution. The open design relieves pressure, especially when deep in the drops and the slightly flared rear end allows for effective and positive power transfer, this essentially creates a shape that is more anatomically friendly to your pelvis once rotated forward. Comparable narrow at only 131mm for the rear waist, it is well suited to strong riders that prefer a narrow fitting saddle - our sit bones actually narrow as the pelvis is tilted forward. The nose is mildly dropped with a very subtle channel for further pressure relief. The new PEBAX foam is light, retains it's shape over time and provides excellent vibration dampening combined with the CFRP hull, this saddle is very comfortable for many riders - short or all day long epics and has the opportunity to suit many riders anatomy.

Long 60mm rails allow excellent fore and aft adjustment while still maintaing the shock absorbing properties, the rails also use Selle San Marco's Xsilite material which is strong, light and finished in a nice gun metal grey.

  • Wave design with cutout for pressure relief
  • Durable PEBAX padding
  • Long 60mm fore and aft adjustment
  • 180grams
  • 131mm x 277mm
  • XSilite Rails