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Boyd Eternity Road Hubs

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Designed and Manufactured in the USA

In a quest to build the stiffest, smoothest and most stable hubs available Boyd spent two years testing and perfecting the design. The Eternity hubs are like no other and in order to set the benchmark in stiffness Boyd had to engineer a completely new system.

A unique dual axle design reduces bearing drag by 50% and there is no washers or spacers needed which further reduces drag - this also makes maintenance really easy.

The front hub has an 80mm wide flange width and a one-piece axle that supports the hub body and bearings far better than traditional designs. Not only does his provide the stiffest interface between the fork and hub, there is less bearing binding so hub life is radically extended.

The rear hub feature the same end to end axle design for best-in-class bearing support. The dual axle system on the rear also extends further to provide extra support for the free hub body, unlike traditional hubs that butt up against the hub shell. The completely connects the freehub body to the hub acting as one unit and allowing the best possible power transfer and responsiveness.

The pawls and ratchet mechanism are EDM cut and electroplated for durability and low friction and the unique stepped design offers 5.7º of engagement making for a very direct and responsive accelerations. Unlike traditional hub designs the freehub body is made from Titanium. Boyd has develloped a proprietary method which injection molds the body - reducing material wastage and dramatically reducing machining time of only a few minutes.

 Front Hub

  • Flange Diameter: 35mm
  • Centre to Centre: 40mm
  • Weight 100g

Rear Hub

  • Centre of hub to drive side flange: 18.1mm
  • Centre to non-drive side flange: 38.00mm
  • DS Flange diameter: 58mm
  • NDS Flange Diameter: 40mm
  • Weight 224g