Carbon Champ

Carbon Champ Matte clean and sealer 100ml

  • Carbon Champ Matte clean and sealer 100ml

Carbon Champ

Carbon Champ Matte clean and sealer 100ml


Cleans like a Boss.

Latest wheels, flashy bike, brand new kit - but your matte carbon frame has gloss spots!

A specially developed formula designed to enhance the appearance of matte carbon finishes, raw carbon, matte clear, ball burnished and satin Ti finishes.

Under a microscope matte finishes have very small dimples which absorb and diffuse light giving that flat dull appearance which is different to a high gloss finish which is smooth and reflective evenly bouncing light. The new matte finishes featured on high end bikes these days are difficult to maintain, they are sensitive to oils, sweat and grime and cleaning with any polish, shine enhancing sprays, waxes or even lame wash and wax can degrade the finish over time and buff out that beautiful matte finish - which can lead to permanant damage. CarbonChamp restores that factory look bringing back that flat low sheen - exactly what matte carbon finishes should look like. CarbonChamp also works ridiculously well on ball burnished and satin Titanium frames - practically anything with a matte finish. CarbonChamp cleans and protects with authority.

It's Ultra Slick Formula lifts dust and grime safely without scratching, marring or filling and leaves a smooth even finish on your frame - CarbonChamp is so slick it can be used as a waterless wash. UVB and UVA blockers protect your paint and decals from fading and one single coat leaves a long lasting layer of protection.

Simply spray a light spritz to a damp cloth and wipe over matte paint and follow it up with a light buff to remove excess and lock in that matte carbon goodness. For heavily filthed up areas spraying directly on the frame will help lifting off stubborn snot stains.

  • Lifts off sweat, grime, oil, sports drink and snot
  • 100ml Spray Bottle
  • Protects paint decals from fading
  • Streak free formula
  • Safe for plastics, metal and gloss painted surfaces
  • Not compatible with hubbards

We have had some fantastic results with the following frames. Cervelo R5, Specialized Venge, Colnago C59 and M10, FELT AR2, NEILPRYDE Alize and BURAsl, PIVOT March 5.7, IBIS Mojo, RIDLEY Noah and Helium, Giant Propel, Liteville 301, Trek Madone 7, Parlee Z4 and Z5