CHROME Forged Rubber Timur Red/White

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City Sneaker. The Best.

Chrome claims these as the best and we would have to agree. Some old skool manufacturing techniques and machinery brought together right at the rubber factory so your rubber is ultra fresh. Most sneakers use a vulcanisation process or a chemical bond - no way man! Chrome hot forges the rubber sole at 300F and 30PSI onto their 12oz bombproof canvas uppers. What you get is a sole that is so flexible and perfectly molds to your feet and massive amounts of durability as the uppers and sole now work as a single piece.The uppers are naturally breathable, are not made from slain animals and never need to wear in.

The breathability and flexibility wear comfortably in hot summer and no stink because they have a quick dry anti-microbial footbed. Short sock, tall sock, all style and vegan friendly. If you ride a bike or like to lurk in the dark they have a reflective heel tab so you can be seen but they don't make you look like a hubbard if you decide to ride your errans or commute to work.

  • Vegan
  • Will not delaminate
  • Style + more
  • 12oz fire hose canvas
  • Impact resistant PU Footbed
  • 300F Hot Forged