Cycle star Nanotech Lubricant

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Lube Science

The only lube backed by science and research. Cycle Star's parent company Star Nanotech develops and researchs nano materials for applications outside of the bike industry.

While other bicycle specific lubes try to reduce friction with chemical add-ins like Teflon and Wax - they provide low levels of durability. They also attract dirt and grime which accelerate wear.

Cycle Star lube is different it relies on uniform nano particles formed by hyper accurate lasers which bond and fill the metal surfaces on the chain creating a smooth and friction less surface which doesn't attract grit and grime and improves with each application.

Once you have a clean chain, free from all that old oily lube a single application of Cycle Star can get up to 700-1000km!

And what's even better than having a silky smooth running drivetrain? Cycle Star is 100% non toxic and contains no wax, Teflon and friction modifiers.

  • Suitable for Road and MTB
  • Apply to clean chain
  • 75-90 Applications per 30ml bottle
  • Repels dirt
  • Nano Particle Ball bearings fill surfaces
  • Up to 1000km per single application
  • As used by the Holwesko | Citadel Race Team