e-thirteen TRS RACE All-Terrain 27.5 x 2.40 MoPo

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MoPo Compound is a super soft, slow rebounding compound - it's the grippiest compound e13 makes. It feels softer than a Maxxis Super Tacky and has a weird almost playdough like feel - on the bike it absolutely sticks to any type of terrain - loose  over hardpack, rocky and mud - You do lose rolling speed but in return you gain absolutely confident cornering grip and nice damped connected feel to the trail.

A super aggressive all-condition tyre that will hookup in the corners and give you confidence when it's fully leaned over. The unique accordion texture on the outer lugs help the tyre conform and hold on tight, yet there is no vagueness or "on and off" feeling that some tyres experience.

The AT tyre gets the slow rebound rubber compound which not only dampens trail buzz but gives a nice connected feel to the terrain.

Center lugs are ramped and spaced to give excellent clearing of mud yet still hold stable when pushed with heavy braking - either the front or rear. Great to pair with the semi-slick on the rear for speed and cornering fun.

If you are harsh on tires and need a bit more grip the Race version is available which has an extra layer of aramid and softer side knobs.

  • True to size width
  • Single ply with Aramid bead to bead
  • PLUS compound: Tacky tread compound with a harder base compound for better tread wear and faster rolling.
  • 930g, 970g (27.5, 29)

Choosing the right compound

PLUS: Tacky tread compound with a harder base compound for better tread wear and faster rolling.
RACE: High-tack, slow rebound side knobs with better wearing, faster rolling center knobs.

MoPo: Super Soft, grippy and slow rebounding compound. Maximum grip on all surfaces with a damped trail feel

Choosing the right casing

TRS: Trail level Single Ply with Aramid bead to bead (Race)

LG1: Enduro level, Single Ply with Apex Inserts and Aramid bead to bead (Race)

LG1 DH: DH Level, Dual Ply and Aramid bead to bead (Race)