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Far and Near S2 Stem

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Far and Near's philosophy is to engineer the best performing components for your bike with ZERO compromise in strength or durability. F&N wanted to create a stem that resisted twisting under heavy out of the saddle efforts and be strong and durable to handle the beating cross country and endurance racing gives your bike, the lack of weight in this stem is just a bonus. The main body is CNC'd from 6061 alloy to utilise its high tensile strength, the body is tapered to provide maximum material at the clamp zone while slightly thinning towards the steerer clamp which helps reducing weight but still maintains torsional rigidity. The clamp area on the stem body is significantly larger than other stems available providing a wide clamp zone and a solid platform for the bolt interface. The wall thickness of the stem body is kept constant providing excellent rigidity under loads and very good durability.

The face plate is constructed of 7075 or commonly referred to as Ergal in the bike world. The properties of the 7075 alloy provides high levels of fatigue strength which is critically important for the stem face plate, it is also far more resistant to corrosion than other alloys.

The S2 is finished in pure white and Far and Near take the extra bit of time to make sure the inside of the stem is evenly colored. Subtle silver decals which show the right way up no matter how you flip the stem. The S2 uses Titanium bolts and washers for the handlebar and the steerer clamps with handy torque markings.

  • Tapered body
  • 3-axis CNC work
  • Titanium bolts (steerer and bar clamps)
  • Carbon friendly
  • -6º 
  • Laser etched flip/flop graphics