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German engineered, smart integration - rock eating performance

At first glance, the Liteville 301's simple appearance does not catch attention like a typical radical suspension design or bright and garish paint scheme. Take a closer look, the details are revealed, a bike that has had every milimetre thought through. The 301 is a true machine for the bike geek that loves to ride hard.


Custom made aluminium, heat treated, multiple butted and shot peened. A tapered headtube (1.5"), Neutral Centre Path that produces a non-length changing gear cable housing. The frame weighs 2,480g for a medium, excluding rear shock.


67 head angle with the 140mm plates and a 150mm front fork produces an fashional geometry spec for todays riding styles. A very logical approach to the growing wheel size market, you can spec your bike with any combination of 24", 26", 27.5" and 29" wheel size to suit your size and preferred riding style. No more debating which size is better, mix and match to your liking and just ride your bike!


The 301 features a four bar suspension layout which is easily identified with the lower pivot on the rear of the chainstay. Machined linkage plates drive the shock while intelligently dispersing shock loading into sections of the top tube and seattube.

The 301 features a regressive rate to the sag point (3:1) this high leverage ratio pushes more shock per mm of travel allowing the suspension to be very active over terrain. Active suspension allows the wheel to track to the trail giving you more traction. The mid-stroke flips curves to a progressive rate, which gives a firm platform for aggressive cornering and good pedalling performance, with the end-stroke leverage ratio decreasing further to provide optimal bottom out performance working in harmony with Liteville tuned FOX RP23 air shock. Liteville's use of roller bearings on the shock bushings further increase suspension sensitvity.

An inbuilt sag meter on the linkage plates allows quick tuning and zero guess work setting up the suspension. We recommend the Syntace Micro-Shock pump for shock setup.


  • Replaceable plate for travel changes (140mm or 160mm)
  • 10yr transferrable warranty
  • Active Suspension design
  • Size Specific geometry
  • Internal dropper post cable routing
  • Threaded BSA 73mm Bottom Bracket
  • 34.9mm Seatpost Dia.
  • Syntace 142x12mm rear axle system
  • Optional integrated components (lower chainguide, Rear derailleur guard, S3 front derailleur mount)


301 Geometry @ 140mm


Liteville offer a 10yr transferrable warranty on the frame for all owners of the bike. The warranty is for all material and manufacturing defects and no exclusions to racing or DH use.


We offer the Liteville frameset with XX1 or X01 groupsets and a choice of Rock Shox or Fox forks. Choose one of our suggested builds for the best price-to-performance ratio.

In Action

Hit F11 and sitback and enjoy some beautiful scenery and stunning shots of the Liteville 301 and 601 eating rocks