MacMahone PF30 to 24mm Ceramic

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Shut the Creak Up.

The PF30 cops a lot of flak. PF30 gives the frame designer more surface area to work with - for the seat stays and downtube to create stiffer powertrains, it also allows working material ultra short chainstays. They are easy to install with existing tools and the have the best backward compatibility so you can use your old cranksets.

If you are complaining about your creaking bottom bracket - You just bought a sh1t bike that the manufacturer couldn't get tolerances dialed. Creaking PF30 is an Acoustic of Bad Manufacturing.

For those that enjoy all the benefits of a PF30 frame and want to run a Shimano crankset on your new frame - this will do the trick. It will allow you to run 24mm spindle cranksets.

A revised bearing seal keeps water and mud out - giving you good service life. High tolerance engineering nylon resists degradation to grease residue and resists warping in extreme temperatures for a truly creak free experience. Available with Ceramic bearings which is recommended for muddy and dirty conditions and the more economical steel bearing versions.

  • 74g
  • 68mm, 73mm and 83mm bottom bracket shells (spacers included)
  • BB Sheel diameter 46mm