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MacMahone Tubeless Tyre Sealant

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Non toxic, no ammonia and seals like a champ

A special formulated solution to meet todays needs of tubeless ready tires. Quickfix is non-toxic and contains no ammonia which effects the durability and longevity of tyre sidewalls and not to mention corroding aluminium rims. Being a neutral solution means it's for all tyre and wheel types. Quickfix formula can handle super cold conditions as low as -20C and stays liquid for longer and the special solution keeps the chunky bits suspended more evenly and consistently so there is no need for excessive shaking and magic tricks to get the right ratio of chunks-to-sealant into your tires. Easy clean up with water so you can get back to riding.

Valve injectors are also available.


  • No Ammonia
  • Non Hazardous/ Corrosive/ Hazardous/ Toxic
  • Large 1litre bottle
  • Measuring cup included
  • Low temp resistance (-20)
  • Safe for all tyre types