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MEQIX CNC Floor Pump

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High end Air.

Top quality air pump that is full featured and looks good too. A CNC'd body, base, handle and piston ensure long lasting use - tolerances are precise which means the pump action is as smooth as silk. The dual 2-1 valve head is hard anodised and features the 100% air-in-valve. The valve head is easy to use and always provides a secure fit to schraeder or presta valves. A large pressure gauge reads up to 200psi and the no stretch fibre reinforced hose reduces that "squishy" feeling you get towards the end of the stroke on some of the lower pumps available.

  • 200psi max
  • Road and mountain tyres
  • High Polish finish
  • CNC machined (piston, base, shaft and handle)
  • Analogue guage
  • 2-in-1 valve head