Meqix Digital Pressure gauge

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Digital readout, accurate and adaptable to air shocks and air-sprung forks

The latest editions of air-sprung forks and rear shocks put a big emphasis on spring rates, different compression tunes, low speed sensitivity all this to squeeze every drop of performance from your bike. If you cannot dial in correct and repeatable pressures in your suspension most of the these new technologies will go unnoticed. The Meqix digital guage connects to either schraeder or presta valves without needing to flip or change anything, the threaded chuck holds secure while inflating. The inline schraeder valve allows your track pump or shock pump to pressure your fork or your tires.

Just like race car accuracy, the backlight digital displays reads in 1psi increments so there is no more guessing pressures. Set your pressures, record it - with the Meqix gauge your pressures are always repeatable.

  • CNC aluminium body
  • Backlight display for low light use
  • Inline schraeder valve
  • Presta and Schraeder valve compatibility
  • PSI and BAR readouts
  • Auto Off function
  • Max 200 PSI