NOVATEC R3 Wheelset Clincher

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38mm deep, light do-it-all wheelset

Light enough for those long climbs but still slippery enough to maintain speed on the flats. At 1440g the R3 accelerates and climbs as good as wheels twice their price. The low weight really turns this into a versatile wheelset ready for racing, group rides long training miles.

24 Stainless aero spokes on the rear are laced with 2x on the driveside and non-drive side the front is radially laced with 20 aero bladed spokes. Spokes have external nipples so maintenance is quick and simple. The R3's feature the tried and true Novatec XA831SB and XF312SB hubs which are easily serviced and utilises standard bearings. The rear cassette is compatible with all 11speeds including Campag and 10speed cassettes. A unique feature on the rear cassette, the Anti Bite Guard which is a stainless steel piece that protects the freewheel body from being gauged by rear cassettes.

The new rim shapes have a 21mm wide profile and feature the new Matrisilk Protex on the brake track - which dramatically reduces heat and improves braking performance in the wet. This is a Novatec technology that impregnates a structual mesh in the braking track. Braking is smooth and modulated and with the included brake pads you can feel confident descending or pulling up in the wet.

Climbing, sprinting and crit racing - the Novatec R3 handles all three extremely well - A stiff and versatile wheelset for all conditions

  • 1410grams Clincher wheelset
  • 38mm Deep profile
  • External Nipples with SS aero spokes
  • Rock solid and reliable Novatec Hubs
  • Matrisilk Protex braking track