Onza Svelt 29x2.25 C3 RC2 Folding 60TPI TLR Skinwall

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This is one for the Gram Fighters and cross country freaks. A low profile and small strategically placed center blocks glide over terrain and roll with very little resistance.  Unlike other lightweight fast rolling cross country tyres that lose out on cornering performance - The Svelt was born in the mountains and has plenty of side lugs for predictable cornering that make this tyre suitable of trail bikes. Extra profiling and texturing on the mid-lean and full lean lugs assist with gripping off-camber roots and and wet rocks and the dual compound rubber gives that extra bite when your near the limit.

  • RC2 - Dual Compound 55a/65a
  • 725g
  • C3 - Cross Country Casing 60TPI Skinwall
  • Tubeless Ready