SQ-LAB 611 Race Ti-Tube Road Saddle

  • SQ-LAB 611 Race Ti-Tube Road Saddle


SQ-LAB 611 Race Ti-Tube Road Saddle



High tech saddle loaded with features - Try it for 30days if you don't like you return it! SQ-Lab saddles are one of the most adjustable on the market.

A road specific saddle without the "Active" elastomer dampers. The 611 Race still retains the comfortable Step Saddle design which lowers the front portion of the saddle allowing your sit bones to sit comfortable on the rear without squashing you up and outwards. Applying weight through your sit bones is better for your spine and helps remove the shock and vibration going into your body. This design is so effective it works for both male and female riders.

The width of the saddle ranges from 120mm, 130mm, 140mm and 150mm, The MaxContact nose has an extra 2.5cm which is flattened allowing for comfortable weight shifts when climbing while still providing relief.

 Ti-Tube rails keeps weight to a minimum.

How do I know what size I need? When you purchase any of the SQ-Lab saddles we'll send you measurement board which accurately checks the ideal width for your body and style of riding.

How does sizing work? Once you have your sit bones accurately measured you'll need to add either 0-4cms of length depending on your riding position. More upright positions will add width. This is line with how our sit bones narrow the further we can bend over. This works the same whether you are male, female or TG

  • Weight: 255g, 255g, 255g, 265g
  • Guaranteed to be your most comfortable saddle - or your cash back!
  • 4 sizes available
  • MaxContact nose shape
  • Step Saddle design
  • Designed in Germany
  • Unisex - Both male and female riders should choose their saddle based on their sitbone width