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SQlab 611 MTB Ti-Tube Saddle

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High tech saddle loaded with features. Order a fit kit, fit yourself up, select the appropriate saddle and ride it! Enjoy a refreshing sensation with none of the discomfort you know from previous other saddles. After all a saddle should fit like a pair of shoes!

This saddle is equipped with SQlab’s "active" feature which refers to the customisable elastomer dampers on the rear saddle rails allowing a slight rocking movement of the saddle wings. The saddle comes supplied with three densities: soft, medium and firm allowing you to fine tune the movement to your preference and rider weight. The active feature allows for very subtle pelvis rotation while pedaling or grinding up steep climbs mobilising your spinal discs and effectively reducing the pressure to your sit bones. It also helps remove some of the trail irregularities. 

The ‘Step saddle’ design means the rear section of the saddle where your sit bones are positioned is raised slightly higher than the front letting you ride towards the rear of the saddle with relief towards the mid portion of the saddle, allowing you to naturally apply pressure on your sit bones. This design and unique shape works for both men and women alike.

The SQlab 611 MTB Ti-Tube comes in sizes 130mm, 140mm and 150mm. The nose has an extra 2.5cm of length allowing you to effectively use it as a third contact point in steep and technical terrain. SQlab saddle noses are designed with a MaxContact feature, which is essentially means the nose is flat and wide allowing for comfortable forward weight shifts when climbing while spreading the load and hence reducing the pressure.

Kevlar material on the front and rear portions of the saddle protect against scuffs and bumps and the Ti-Tube rails keeps weight to a minimum.

Acclimatisation period. It is a new saddle. Every new saddle will initially feel different. SQlab saddles are a little firmer than traditional saddles, which with a correct fit, will relief pressure from the soft tissue areas and reduce any numbness. This also means, that the pressure to your sit bones may initially be slightly higher. However, your sit bones, which are designed to be able to carry your full body weight, can easily cope with the slightly increased pressure and will get used to it. This can typically take up to 2 – 3 weeks of riding. So please always give yourself this time when you have fitted a new SQlab saddle to your bike.  

How do I know what size I need? Before purchasing a SQlab saddle you can order a free home fit kit to determine which saddle size you require. It will take into account your sit bone distance (the part where you contact the saddle) and also your style of riding which determines the degree of hip rotation.

How does sizing work? Once you have your sit bones accurately measured you'll need to add 0, 1, 2,3 or 4cms to the sit bones measurement depending on your riding position. A more upright positions will add width. The more dynamic the riding position the more hip rotation and hence the narrower the contacting part of your sit bones and hence a narrower saddle will provide the correct fit. This works the same whether you are male or female

  • Weight: 270g,273g, 275g
  • Guaranteed to be your most comfortable saddle - or your cash back!
  • 3 elastomer dampers included (soft, med, hard)
  • Available in sizes: 13, 14 and 15cm
  • SQlab MaxContact nose shape
  • Designed in Germany
  • Unisex - Both male and female riders should choose their saddle based on their sitbone width and riding position as determined by the SQlab fitting process