Syntace W Series MX Series Rims

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Smash Proof

Now you can build up your dream wheelset with the proven bombproof Syntace MX Series rims. They meet all the needs of hardcore and fastidious mountain riders and we know they can be ridden in the harshest terrains in complete confidence. 

A exclusive profile that is cold worked, heat treated and features an asymmetric design for more even spoke tensions. Hard anodised with small and simple laser logos - Let us build it up with your favourite hubs and spokes!

Offered in 3 sizes to suit all types of riders and tyre preference. The W40 for all out all-mountain, DH race conditions. The W35 for hardcore trail and enduro racing and the W30 for the weight conscious XC rider who wants to run a lighter tyre with more volume.

To get the maximum benefit from wide rims and your tyre choice, we recommend the following tyre sizes for the best stability, weight and rolling resistance

W30 - Suitable for tyres up to 2.35" / W35 - 2.25" - 2.5"  / W40 - 2.4" - 2.6"

  • W30 - 24.5mm Inner, 430g (26")
  • W35 - 28.5mm Inner, 500g (26")
  • W40 - 33.5mm Inner, 580g (26")

Available in the popular 32h spoke drillings. Please contact us if you need a custom wheel build - We can build your wheels with your hub and spoke of preference.