Tune Re4mer Carbon Saddle 79 gram

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Reformer...Not Reamer. A highly technical saddle that meets all the needs of seasoned and experienced bike riders with the lowest weight possible. Beyond the superb aesthetics the Re4mer has some really neat features that will improve your riding. The nose is completely closed and blunt and a nice trailing under edge of Alcantara. The sides are wrapped completely around and under, it's super smooth to prevent chafing and short abrasion and with less interference to your abductors.

Oval saddle rails made of carbon fibre bridges to the outside of the saddle allowing the hull to flex for reduced gooch pressure, custom fit and minimised road buzz vibration. 

A narrow and raised rear waist is ideal for race positions which allows your pelvis to rotate comfortably - as your pelvis rotates your sit bones become narrower - which is why you don't need a super wide saddle if you are running a deep bar drop.

Just a small strip of Alcantara on the front and underside which reduces slipping with clearcoat 3k carbon fibre.

  • 7.5 x 9.2mm oval rails
  • Alcantara
  • Suitable for a Vegan lifestyle
  • Length 258.8mm x Width 129.6mm x Height 62.2mm
  • Max weight 90kg
  • 79 grams