Boyd Jocassee Gravel 650b Wheelset

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When we decided to develop a gravel specific wheelset, we knew we had to develop every aspect from the ground up. We didn’t just want to re-purpose a mtb wheelset or cyclocross wheelset that would work ok for gravel riding. When Boyd first started riding gravel, it was on a road bike with 25mm tires. Then a cyclocross bike was used with 28mm tires, then 32mm, 38mm, and eventually 40mm. Each time the tire size increased, the bike geometry and gear ratio changed. The traction was better, but the handling was worse.

So the thought began to shrink the wheel, and increase the tire size. Using a 650b X 47mm tire you have the same outside tire diameter as a 700c road tire. So for your gravel bike you can run the 650b gravel tires for off road riding, and swap to 700c road wheels for road group rides and nothing changes with the geometry or gear ration on the bike.

Once we knew we wanted to develop around the 47mm tire size, we started looking at the tire pressures that would be run. Going off a suggested 34 to 38PSI we looked at tire shape, deflection, and handling to determine the ideal 24mm inner width on a tubeless, hookless rim bed.

Gravel events take place at higher speeds and you are spending a lot of the time above 18mph. At those speeds, aero forces really come into play so we developed an aero 36mm deep rim profile. A 2.9mm rim offset helps to even out spoke tension for a more well balance wheel.

Put all this together with our Quest centerlock hubs (or the upgraded White Industries CLD hubs), built with Sapim CX Ray spokes, and external brass nipples and you have the ideal gravel wheelset, developed specifically for the demands you will encounter in your gravel rides.

  • 24mm inner width
  • 650b diameter
  • Weight: 1570g
  • Hookless Sidewall
  • Works perfectly with 47c 650b tyres
  • Pressures as low as 35psi
  • Optional White Industries CLD hub upgrade