Bad Froth. That green slimy Frothy scum you sometimes see on the side of the ocean shore, lakes or in ponds. That's not good Froth!

We don't know exactly what it is, no one really does but we do know it's bad - it clogs the gills of marine life, it seeps into the land and harms the forest creatures it hurts our beautiful mushrooms growing under the forest ground and it leaks into our blood and possesses your soul.

We love bikes, but they do carry a lot of harmful substances and one nasty thing that you can switch out right now is your chain lube, suspension and grease. We bet your current lube is probably made from the byproduct of the inherently dirty oil harvesting and processing.

WPL makes some of the best high performing lubes on the Planet - from degreasers and tire sealants - all naturale, all made from plants with no petro-chems and PTFE. It makes your bike feel like new and doesn't destroy our forests and oceans. It's developed and made in the mecca of MTB and is used by some of the best pro suspension workshops so you'll be in good company.

Whistler Performance Lubricants. Race Proven and approved by Nature. Make the switch now and only ride with the good Froth.