Abbey Bottom Bracket Socket - Various Sizes

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In the name of weight savings and stiffness gains many manufacturers have come up with ways to squeeze a 30 millimeter crank spindle in a bottom bracket that was never designed to work with such a crank. Along the way a bunch of proprietary tools were developed, some of which are poorly made and love to eat your brand new bottom bracket for breakfast. 

Made with the same top shelf aluminum alloy to the same exacting fit and tolerance as the rest of our socket range, these sockets won't chew up your shiny new bottom bracket.

 Our Colnago, "CK" and TorqTite feature a threaded boss to allow you to bolt the tool into place when dealing with these exceptionally thin tool interfaces. This is a unique feature to our tools that adds a layer of protection and security to your parts and tools.


Check the Table to see what tool you need for your bottom bracket type.