Abbey Hanger Alignment Tool

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Your derailleur hanger is never straight. New bikes are notorious for having out of true hangers plus drivetrain speeds have grown leaves your gears being very sensitive to adjustments. If your hanger is out of true, you'll never get the drivetrain shifting perfectly.  Most of the hanger tools available are flexy and offer a crude feeler gauge design which almost always gets bumped out of place. With the H.A.G everything runs smooth and you can get that problematic hanger trued up quickly. 

In comes Abbey with a half precision tool and half pry bar. A feeler gauge which locks into place and the top half rotates to clear the stays and frame - the feeler then can be stored in the top of the tool. Fantastic feel and built to last.

  • 28cm
  • Rebuildable
  • Lockable feeler gauge
  • Compatible with  all wheel sizes
  • Extending T-Bolt for derailleur clerance