Abbey Wash Buddy

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The Wash Buddy was reserved for Pro mechanic use only. Now it's available to all. A simple device but really comes in handy for any type of drivetrain cleaning. If degrease your bike with the rear wheel still attached you run the risk of getting the degreaser into the rear hub bearings and freewheel body.
A nice machined quick handle locks the Wash Buddy in the dropout and allows you to get wild spinning forward or backward without the chain skipping off and because the pulley is "floating" on the axle it means you can shift up and down the derailleur without the grinding or falling off. 
Stainless spindle and a durable chemical resistant delrin pulley wheel means you will be able to use this tool for many seasons - Spare parts are also available.
  • Corrosion resistant parts
  • 9mm open dropout and thru axle compatible