B-Labs Oval Chainring GXP Direct Mount

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Spin Smoother

Since the development of the 1x drivetrain oval rings have been on the rise - for good reason as they really improve low cadence pedaling over technical terrain. The B- Labs are timed at 12º past top dead centre - what this means is when cranks are in the approx 1o'clock position the chainring is essentially two teeth bigger (where you have the most power) and on the upstroke two teeth smaller (where you have the least power).

The B-Labs are one of the best oval rings on the market - They are designed in Switzerland and have received a Design and Innovation award in 2015 for the excellent design

You won't notice extra p0wer! But you will feel extra smoothness on steep low cadence features. A simple upgrade if you are replacing your chainrings.

These also feature the narrow-wide design which allow excellent chain retention - if you are running a clutch based derailleur you will not need a chain guide. 4mm thick plate for good lateral stiffness in the extreme gears.

How To choose your size? Simply select the ring size that you already are using.

The direct mount version will suit GXP and BB30 cranksets. They are offset by 6mm (GXP).

  • Weight: 57g (30t, Direct Mount)