BikeYoke Divine Dropper Post

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The Divine sits just under the Revive seatpost, BikeYoke claims it's not as smooth as the Revive - but we think it's pretty darn smooth, possible the smoothest out there. There is something super satisfying having your dropper post go up and down flawlessly and smoothly.

The Divine still gets the bleed port up the top which helps de-gas your post once air has slipped past the seal - this is way to common on IFP based posts and requires a full tear down to get back to normal. If you have leaked air, you'll get that annoying bouncy feeling at the top of the travel.

The Divine is fully user serviceable and upon full tear down you can see why this thing runs so smoothly - its a very simple design but does the job perfectly. No need to send you post away for a full rebuild.

For frames that were not thought through thoroughly, the Divine's bottom cable actuator can be rotated to clear any junk you have in your frame like bent seat tubes and pivots that are blocking the the seat tube. 

  • 515g (160mm)
  • Works with most cable actuated remotes (clamp on the remote end)
  • Compatible with carbon rails - 7x7 and 7x9 oval rails
  • Reset function
  • Travel can be reduced by 5mm increments with included clips
  • Swivel bottom actuator
  • Fully user serviceable

Remotes are available Separately.