BikeYoke Revive Dropper Post 31.6mm

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Ever lifted your saddle up with the dropper post down and got that annoying suck of air past the main seal. This is the stuff that makes your dropper post bouncy and its really annoying - It will usually require a full tear down to bleed the air. BikeYoke wanted to design the dropper differently which meant doing it differently to the other brands - it doesn't use an IFP so it's not prone to getting the air sucked past the main seal. No IFP means its way smoother in operation.

What's really different with the Revive dropper is the bleed toggle at the top of the dropper. Simple turn with a 4mm hex and push down on the post to evacuate the air that has snuck past the seal - There you go, your post works like brand new.

If you have ever had to wait for a dropper post to be serviced or been riding for weeks with that annoying bounce the BikeYoke is a sweet option that heals your pain

  • 580g (185mm)
  • Works with most cable actuated remotes (clamp on the remote end)
  • Compatible with carbon rails - 7x7 and 7x9 oval rails
  • Resettable hydraulic circuit

Remote are available Separately.