Boyd 60c Rear Wheel - Rim

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Mate, trust me they're fast...

At first the 60mm is not seen as a logical choice to most. If you are looking at bridging gaps quicker, dropping the bunch sooner and just carrying an extra handful of km/h cruising descents and flats, then you are on your way of making a rational decision. At only 1750g the ticket for free speed seems far more appealing and logical than weight alone. A wide torroidal shape manages cross winds and varying wind at wide yaw angles allowing these to track thoroughly straight and true through gusty winds. Clamp the power down and they accelerate exactly like a 2-cross, wide flanged wheel should feel - @mazing.

These are handbuilt in the USA, by real people not hubots. Wheel buidling is not fluffy artsy black magic. Repeatability, consistency, correct spoke tensions and calibrated spoke meters.

BOYD uses an exclusive rim mold, that means no one else are using these profiles, they have been tested in the wind tunnel and produce exceptionally low drag numbers. They are 23.5mm wide at the top of the brake track and 24.4 towards the bottom, the rim curves outwards at the sidewall to produce the torroidal shape. The increased width increases tyre volume, straightens the sidewall for a firmer feel on the tarmac and smooths the transition to the rim sidewall. You get more comfort, better looks and a faster wheel in varying wind conditions.

The hubs are proprietary and they are not available on anyone else's wheels. The main difference with these hubs is that they are very wide - in an attempt to increase the bracing angles - which ultimately leads to a a more stable wheel. Standing, climbing and sprinting. Bearings are also pushed towards the end caps - go wide, again for more stability. Standard double sealed bearings and the hubs are easily serviced with basic workshop tools.

The rims feature a unique combination of resin and carbon that raises the Tg or Glass-Liquid Transition temperature of the brake track, essentially raising the temperature before the composite matrix becomes unstable or in cases you may have seen sidewalls collapsing from the resins melting. This new resin along with their developed Onyx brake pads help manage heat under heavy braking and improve cold braking modulation. Braking is modulated, smooth and quiet and performance in the wet is predictable. BOYD ran a lab test with 17Kgf of braking force off and on in 4 second intervals and ran this test for 20hrs, the temperatures never rose above 68c.

Pillar Wing 20 spokes are laced 2x on the driveside and non-driveside rear - having the Non-driveside 2x laced builds a wheel that transfer torque 15% better, essentially a wheel that is rock solid under the gas. Front wheels are radially laced and cornering is precise and accurate.

Built by hand in the USA with calibrated tensionmeters. Each and every wheelset is ready to be raced right out of the box. Leave the snap, crackle and pop for your breakfast cereal.

Rim tape, Boyd skewers and Boyd Onyx Brake pads are included with wheelset purchases.

If you are are pushing 82kg opt for the 24/28h build.

  • 27mm wide, 19mm Internal
  • 800g Front /  950g Rear
  • 85 Road Hubs
  • Textured Brake track
  • Tubeless rim bed
  • Pillar DSN Double square brass
  • Pillar Wing20 Spokes
  • UCI Approved
  • Crash Replacement
  • 2-Year Warranty