BOYD Onyx Carbon brake pads

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Keeping your carbon rims cool

A specially designed compound to be used with the BOYD carbon wheels. The Onyx pads radically reduce heat buildup on the carbon brake track by transferring it to the pad itself. A overheated carbon brake track can lead to melting of resins and then fiber delamination and even blow out tubes. By dissipating heat they reduce brake fade and braking noise low and provide smooth and consistent braking force in all types of conditions. In their lab test with 17Kgf of braking force on and off for 4seconds over a duration of 20hrs the brake track temperatures never rose above 68ºc. They come as standard with all BOYD carbon rims and you can expect smooth, powerful braking in all conditions.

Although recommended for Boyd carbon wheels, these are also a good alternative to use on other carbon rims - Please check with your rim manufacturer in terms of running aftermarket pads.

  • Excellent braking performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Effective heat management
  • Includes 1 pair (you will need 2-pairs for a complete bike)