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Burgtec Offset Titanium Shock Bushings

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Adjustable Geo

We love bikes for the freedom it gives us, but a lot of us just love to tweak and modify them to make them just so right. The Burgtec offset bushings allows you to alter the head angle and drop the bottom bracket. It works by shortening the shock stroke - just think about your bike as it goes through it's travel it will slacken and lower. The bushings will give up -1.5º of adjustable at the head angle. Of course it will depend on your suspension design on how much you get. This is the quickest and easiest method to change your geometry on an older frame or even newer one.

These are lightweight and precision machined and include a high quality polymer bushing so everything will be running fresh

  • Empty the air and check there is no frame to frame contact
  • Available in heaps of sizes
  • Compatible with 1/2 Eyelets
  • Precision sleeved design