Buzz Tape Silicone Road tape

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Best Tape. Bar None

Previously reserved for those ultra soft, grippy MTB grips only. Now it's available for the road, a new manufacturing technique allows a high density silicone foam structure to be made in a ribbon with perfect control of the profile - like a bit thicker in the middle and thin on the outsides - ie perfect for comfortable bar wraps. The foam structure allows really good vibration absorption on high frequency bumps and high speed chatter and when wrenching on the bars out of the saddle it has a memory foam effect which naturally molds to your hands reducing pressure.

The Buzz Tape feels soft and smooth on bare hands and lot more grippy than standard cork tape, under sweat it still remains tacky and it wears extremely well. The thin tapered profile allows it to be pulled tight and wrap really thin with a smooth bar finish or little bit less tension for a thicker wrap with a bit more comfort. It will not fade and is easily cleaned with some mild soapy water - so its sweet for all road, cx and touring bikes. Works well with gloves or bare hands.

  • Bar caps included.