Cane Creek DB InLine Coil

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Coil Performance.  The Cane Creek DB series are one of the most adjustable rear shocks on the market and their double barrel design offers independent tuning of each vector of compression and rebound and a cool running shock that resists fading.

If you to like spend the time getting your bike's suspension dialed this is your dream. It's wide range of HSC, LSC, LSR and HSR means you do not need to buy different shock tunes to suit your bike which sometimes can be limiting.

Coil springs simply feel great, there is more sensitivity by design so you can add a little more (or less) low speed compression without the loss of small bump sensitivity while still getting all the support you need

The DB Inline series uses a Twin Tube layout which allows more flow of oil through the compression and rebound circuits - more oil means cooler running temps and consistent shock performance no matter how harsh or long the descent.

Tuning is even easier with Cane Creeks base setting and the Dialed app which helps narrow in on the perfect rear suspension setup.

These work with the Cane Creek VALT springs which reduce weight over a standard steel spring.

  • 4-Way Adjustable (HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR)
  • Climb Switch
  • Compatible with Cane creek VALT springs
  • Mounting - Low friction IGUS bushing 1/2" Universal Axle
  • 285g