Cane Creek Helm Mark II 29 130mm-160mm AIR Gloss

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The new Mark II Helm gets a bunch of updates that improve smoothness and sensitivity on the trail. A redesigned air spring, SKF low friction seals and lighter weight oil while still maintaining that incredible support of the Mark I.

It still maintains the highly adjustable damper with HSC, LSC and LSR and the super easy threadless travel change that just makes a lot of sense with modern bikes and their geometry flip chips.

We're really digging the gloss black finish - it looks great on all frames and it's easier to keep clean after a dirty ride.

Independent Positive and Negative air chambers allows you to fine tune suppleness and support of the fork which gives loads of customisation for your weight, trails and riding style.

Hand assembled by Cane Creek

  • Air volume adjust (8-position Internal indexed system)
  • Independent positive air spring
  • Independent negative air spring
  • Indexed travel adjust system
  • 35mm stanchions
  • Travel adjustable in 10mm increments
  • D-loc thru axle
  • Boost 44mm offset
  • 2080 grams