Cane Creek Invert Fork

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Simple is better

Pretty much all suspension forks made for gravel forks are miniaturized mountain forks, basic technology and hideous looks plus weird damper setups.  We know of one other fork that combines looks and high end performance and that is the Intend, everything else completely destroys the looks of your nice looking gravel bike.

The Invert gravel fork hits a perfect balance of looks and performance. From the top half the Invert looks just like your standard carbon fork that comes on your already nice looking gravel bike - and the Invert does feature carbon construction from the steerer to the top half uppers. Aluminium tubes are bonded in the carbon legs. This is where the bushings will slide and hold the damper.  The right leg holds the damper and the left the airspring, with the climb switch on the top. The damper is really just the mechanism for the Climb Switch, to allow the fork to be fully locked out and to blow off hitting big hits. Remember this is just a 30mm travel fork, it's made for simplicity, ease of setup and the lower weight possible.

The Climb Switch is more like a button, its easy to reach and simple to use - very firm lockout to full open and nothing else. Exactly what you want with a gravel bike. The brake mount is 160mm flat mount and the right axle side is hidden which helps with the nice clean lines of the fork.

Simplicity is key when it comes to servicing, with the lower seals being opened up with a 12 notch bottom bracket tool, drain the oil and refill.  This is the best implementation of a gravel fork that we have seen.

The SL version is the lightest model and has no climb switch and less travel, the Climb Switch version has 40mm and is a bit heavier.

SL Version

  • 30mm travel
  • No climb switch button
  • 425mm axle-to-crown
  • 45mm offset
  • 994g weight

CS Version

  • 40mm travel
  • 435 axle-to-crown
  • 45mm offset
  • Climb switch
  • 1118g