Cane Creek Thudbuster G4 Short

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Smooth As

Build for gravel roads and chopped out tarmac. The G4 Suspension post is sleeker, lighter and has taken some of the design cues from the already proven eeSilk. With 50mm of travel it seriously smooths out rough surfaces. The new forged head and replaceable elastomers can take rider weights of up to 150kg. The parallelogram design keeps the saddle geometry neutral as it moves through the travel.

Hard anodised pivots with PTFE bushings for an extremely smooth action and no unwanted movement.

Sleek looks means you can run this on pretty much any bike you have - XC hardtail, Road, Gravel and even your commuter.

  • 27.2/340mm 30.9,31.8/375mm
  • 0mm offset
  • Soft and Firm elastomers included
  • 580g
  • Can be used with seat post shims
  • Saddle clamp - single bolt with angle adjust
  • 150kg weight limit