Carbocage XC/EN

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Add 34grams of security to your XX1 / X01 / 1x drivetrain.

At only 34grams for the 32-35t version the weight is so minimal but adds a lot of security especially if you regularly ride rough and chunky trails. Machined from carbon sheets and includes rubber spacers to adjust the chainline. This is an ideal and slick setup if you are on the current range of clutch rear derailleurs where the chain is being pulled taught from the bottom of the chainring, and reduces the need for a lower boomerang.

  • Threaded bottom bracket mount
  • Different sizes available
  • Very lightweight
  • Will suit 9/10 and 11speed setups

This guide will only fit threaded bottom bracket frames and is not compatible with BB30 or PF30 frame types. Carbocage XC/EN is available in either fixed chainring sizes ie 32t-35t or adjustable 32-40t by using notches on the rear plate to allow compatibility with difference chainring sizes outside of the standard range. Opt for the adjustable if you find yourself changing out your XX1/X01 chainrings to suit different terrain.