Chain Pig II Hands Free chain cleaner

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Your chain should be clean - all the time. It will shift better, last longer, makes it easier to apply lube and most importantly you won't be dragging greasy drivetrains through the house (you're gonna get it!) The Pedros Pig is compact and all self contained so you can get your chain clean in small places like apartments and garages.

The Pedros chain cleaner has some unique features that make it a bit different to other cleaners out there. It's got super durable components like the stainless steel hardware and industrial grade bristles that won't break down with solvent. It has a rear hook that clips over your jockey wheel that turns it into a hand-free dream. You can have a beer while you turn the pedals.

It's easy to mount on your chain and you only need a little bit of degreaser to thoroughly to clean your filthy chain.

Solvents are pretty nasty so we do recommend a citrus base degreaser

  • Rear hook for true hands free operation
  • Bristles and foam pad to clean and apply degreaser
  • We recommend citrus degreaser for your bike and the environment
  • We recommend WPL Dry or Wet lube for your chain