e-thirteen ALL-Terrain 2.4"

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It's your go to tyre for pretty much all conditions. It's available in a range of compounds and casings so you can get the right tyre for your type of riding.

Center lugs are ramped and spaced to give excellent clearing of mud yet still hold stable when pushed with heavy braking - either the front or rear. Great to pair with the semi-slick on the rear for speed and cornering fun.

If you are wearing out tyres after a few rides the new Control compound balances that nice sticky grip with more durability

  • True to size width
  • 29" DH Mopo - 1260g/ 29 EN Endurance - 1140g

Choosing the right compound and casings

Choosing the right compound and casings

MoPo Compound - Softest compound 42a, has excellent damping characteristics and reaps traction in wet slimy conditions

Control - Balance of MoPo compound with more durability and efficiency, still excellent grip in the wet

Endurance Compound - Not as soft as the MoPo but does extend durability with a 50a/56a dual compound.  If are killing your tyres in a few rides, the Endurance is probably the better choice.

Trail Casing - 72TPI single poly, tubeless insert with nylon breaker
XC Casing - 120TPI Single ply, tubeless insert