e-thirteen Zeppelin 27.5"x 2.7"

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An e*spec tyre built for the rear on high performanc e-MTB's. It's high volume and increased contact patch offers more traction for climbing with power assisted bikes and it has the reinforced lugs to handle heavy braking loads. Chuck a Grappler or All-terrain on the front and you are set for anything.


Choosing the right compound and casings

MoPo Compound - Softest compound 42a, has excellent damping characteristics and reaps traction in wet slimy conditions

Control - Balance of MoPo compound with more durability and efficiency, still excellent grip in the wet

Endurance Compound - Not as soft as the MoPo but does extend durability with a 50a/56a dual compound.  If are killing your tyres in a few rides, the Endurance is probably the better choice.

Trail Casing - 72TPI single poly, tubeless insert with nylon breaker
Enduro Casing- Dual ply, 120TPI with full nylon break.