e13 Helix Race crankset

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Lightweight with Enduro strength. Using high strength forged AL-6060 aluminium, e13 has managed to design a crankset that comes in at 556g for the 165mm length. Those in the know, know how good a short crank feels on an Enduro or XC bike.

That shorter crank gives more clearance and it actually encourages more recruitment of your butt and hip muscles as you are not running a large split stance (you can experiment with this doing your own deadlifts at the gym). Furthermore studies have shown over and over that the longer the crank doesn't actually improve power it can reduce it as your cadence can be maintained with a shorter crank. Even more when are talking about big 50t rear cogs and small chainrings up front, grinding up climbs - you will want a smooth high cadence pedal stroke to maintain torque,  traction and momentum.

They come with included molded strike boots and feature a 30mm AL 7050-T7 spindle. The proven creak free Quick Connect ring interface.  Available in bronze or black

• Forged AL-6066-T6 arms and 30mm spindle
• Flip-flop Ring for Boost/Superboost Chainline compatible
• Self Extracting Bolt System
• Creak-free proven Quick Connect ring interface
• SRAM™ and Shimano™ 12 Speed compatible Narrow/Wide
• 73mm or 83mm BB shell with P3 connect interface
• Shimano™ BB-92 and BB30 compatibility
• Molded Crank strike boots
• 165mm(556g) - 170mm(566g) - 175mm(574g)