e13 Vario Dropper Post

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Easy Adjust

There is loads of dropper posts on the market and that's a good thing. Prices have come down, adjustability and reliability has gone up. The e13 Vario probably has the easiest travel adjust system of them all. Its completely tool free adjustment in 5mm increments (max 30mm total).

It uses a gas charged spring for infinite travel adjust and 20% less compression force to get the saddle down.  It's oversized key system also keeps the post from rotating and that annoying free play that some other posts have. It's also completely rebuildable and the system is not crazy complex to tear down.

At the rail side there is a sturdy adjustment plate with m6 T25 hardware that prevents the dreaded creak, 28º of seat angle adjust (which is perfect for those new age geo bikes) and extra 12mm of for and aft adjust (also perfect for those new age geo bikes)

The remote is clean and simple, with grip tape installed already and will suit MatchMaker compatible clamp systems


  • 3D forged stanchion with integrated head
  • Internal routing
  • 12mm of fore/aft saddle adjustment
  • 28º seat angle adjust
  • Tool free drop adjust -/+5mm
  • Cable actuated
  • 120-150mm
  • 150-180mm
  • 31.6mm 150-180mm weighs 618g

Pinkbike did a good rundown on the posts here