eeSilk Suspension Seatpost 27.2mm

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Your gravel riding just got so much better. The eeSilk uses a compact suspension mechanism that doesn't look goofy on your high end bike. It's also design to allow the geometry of your set angle to remain consistent as it moves through the 20mm of travel. The self lubricating bushings offer  silky smooth performance and almost zero maintenance. Installing and getting your saddle is quick and painless with the thumb dial and infinitely adjustable yokes and it only requires one ti bolt. 

So much comfort and less fatigue on long rides and with the low weight of 295g why wouldn't you just chuck one on your road bike? It doesn't feel like full blown suspension but more of a trail buzz killer - Like if you hit a section of chip and seal really fast it simply just neutralises the vibrations.

  • 3 elastomer spring rates available (medium installed)
  • Ti hardware
  • IGUS Bushings
  • 27.2mm x 350mm
  • 8mm setback
  • Oval and Round saddle rail compatible
  • 150kg max weight limit
  • Shims are available to fit any road seat tube size