Elixir 7 disc brake

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A waterfall of of trickle down performance.

Big value and performance for little money. The Elixir 7 gets tool free reach adjustment, MatchMaker compatible lever clamp, carbon lever and the newly designed TaperBore technology. Aluminium lever body and forged aluminium caliper bodies for excellent heat dissipation. Calipers are also a breeze to setup with Avids unique Tri-Align caliper position which reduces brake set up time dramatically. Sintered pads are included which is great for those that just want to get out there and ride in any condition at any time of the day. The Elixir 7's do forgoe some features to keep the price point super competitive. The main feature is the Contact Pad adjustment which allows you to dial in exactly where the pads contact the rotors allowing a more customisable lever feel. The Elixir 9 and X0 and XX series only feature this adjustment.

The Elixir series of brakes have a unique feel, super smooth initial stroke which requires little force to activate - This is partly due to the taperbore system, the initial stroke of the lever is not in contact with timing ports but fluid only, making it ridiculously smooth feeling. Once the pads contact you are left with a brake that can be feathered under load.

The Elixir 7's come with the new HS1 rotors, which are cross drilled and offer better performance over the previous generations of Avid rotors, say good bye to lever flutter or the turkey gobble. Available with 140mm, 160mm, 180mm rotors with Storm Grey calipers and lever bodies only.