Elixir 9 disc brake

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The new iteration of the TaperBore improves durability, speeds up bleed times and now with an even smoother lever feel than before.

New for Avid is their revamped TaperBore technology which features an airTrap allowing air bubbles to be evacuated to the top of the master cyclinder preventing cavitation of the brake fluid, this new system also allows no-brainer brake bleeds for consistent brake performance. The Elixir 9 lever bodies now are forged alloy along with the new forged alloy calipers which help heat dissipation. The Elixir 9 now features carbon levers as standard which makes this brake one of the best for weight/price ratio.

A tool free reach adjust and Avids own contact pad adjustment system allows for an astonishly easy brake setup which can be dialed precisely to how you ride. The new HS1 cross drilled rotors also do easy work of dissipating heat away from the caliper but the biggest difference you will find with the new HS1 rotors is the smooth and quiet performance compared to previous years. Feathering the brakes ever so slightly is almost a silent process with very little brake flutter or negative brake lever feedback. The HS1 rotors are also available seperately in 140mm / 160mm and 180mm sizes, Avid has now joined the other manufacturers offering the very standard 180mm rotor size, instead of their 185mm of previous years.

Slick decals and a reshaped lever body and caliper make this a great valued all-round disc brake set capable of all varieties of riding from xc to all-mountain shredding.

Available only in Storm Grey