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Ergon offers another line of ergonomic grip with a more subtle anatomical shape. The GA and GE series have been developed for more technical riding where more hand movement along the bars are needed. Different densities of kraton rubber throughout the grip help with comfort and tackyness reducing the need to have a super hold on your bars when you are riding technical terrain. The extra knurling and the special compound rubber also helps to reduce vibrations. The grips attach to the bar with a single clamp and on the outside.

The GE series offers the lip on the inner side of the grip letting while the GA series forgoes the raised lip but still retains the ergo shape of the GE.

Ergon manufacturers the GP, GC, GR, GE and GA grips in two sizes - Small and Large. This difference is the diameter of the grip. The reason for this is that a larger hand is better able to grip a larger grip with less stress and effort. This is the same in reverse for a small grip. A smaller hand needs a smaller grip to allow the hand to close around it. Of course, this is all down to personal preference.

Please see the sizing chart above for a comparison between the small and large sizes.