ESI RCT Wrap - Road Bar Tape

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Way better than traditional cork or leather tape. It's durable, has no adhesive can be re-wrapped and offers loads of vibration damping - just like the MTB grips.

You can get a nice custom wrap by stretching it more to get a thin flatter profile or looser to get a thicker and more profile wrap - if you don't like it I can be easily unwrapped and started again. 

Comes with 2x self sealing silicone wraps that you can finish off the bar tape with and it gives a nice smooth OE finish

  • 134-176 Grams
  • Thick or thin profile
  • UV Resistant and durable
  • Can be washed and can be flipped over and for a fresh start



  • 2 long silicone wraps (for wrapping bar)
  • 2 short silicone wraps (for under hood)
  • 2 Silicone Tapes (adhere to themselves - 1 time use)
  • 1 pair of End Caps