EXT Era Fork 29"

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From the outside the ERA looks pretty low key. From the inside it's an entirely different beast.  Mike Kazimer from Pinkbike says

"I'm usually not one to gush, but after six solid rides on the Era I'm comfortable saying that I've never ridden a fork that felt this good right out of the box. "

The ERA is an amazing fork and it's probably the only air fork that gets close to the plushness of a coil fork.You might be put off by the price - but the ERA is ready to go out of the box, no need to send it away for a "pro" tune, adding tokens/spacers or special tweaks to get it working perfectly.  It offers a load of tuning possibility out of the box so you can save your money on extracurricular tune-ups.

It uses 2x positive air chambers, 1x negative chamber and a coil spring to deliver unbelievable small bump sensitivity and some best in class mid-stroke support.  One of the positive air chambers determines the amount of force required to compress the fork through its stroke, and once certain pressure is met the 2nd positive air chamber comes into play which manages the mid-stroke support and bottom out resistance. This unique air-spring configuration allows for infinite tuning opportunities and you can see how you can get this fork dialed to exactly how you want it.  Like big ramp up at the end,

The DU bushings in the lower were developed for World Rally Championship cars and this alone offers an unbelievably smooth feeling stroke especially under load. The upper crown gets a patent-pending design which improves stiffness and mitigates that annoying CSU creak - just look at the design, why haven't the brands thought of that?

In terms of adjustment you  get High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, rebound and 2 positive air chambers.

  • 140mm, 150mm, 160mm, 170mm stroke options
  • 2,270g w/axle
  • 44mm offset
  • HSC, LSC, Rebound and 2x positive air chamber adjustments
  • 15QR boost Torque Cap compatible
  • Forged AL 7050 T6
  • High volume Cartridge with Ø22 mm piston, engineered circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow