EXT Storia LOK3 Shock w/Coil

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Suppleness of a coil, lightness of an air shock.

Arguably the best coil shock on the market.  When you think of a coil shock, you might of these these super active coil shocks that oscillate all over the place when you stand up to pedal. It just does not happen with the top end shocks - You see EXT has each shock custom tuned for your weight and bike and they pedal just as good as high-end air shocks, possibly better because you get a load of extra wheel traction that an air cannot compete with. EXT has a deep history in motorsports so it it comes as no surprise that they know how to handle loads and the dynamic movement of a much lighter mountain bike

Slap one of these on an enduro bike that does a lot of pedaling and you will never want to go back to an airshock, the EXT Storia eats rocks for breakfast and turns your over-active-suspension when climbing into a trail ripper. You've probably heard airshocks handle those big hits better than a coil - welcome to the hydraulic bump stop. You'll notice the very thin physical bump stop on the Storia, that's because it's handled by the hydraulic circuit and dissipates big forces into the oil offering smooth and stable big hit control, better than air and better than most coils.

It's massive Ø29mm main piston and  Ø24mm valve piston, pushes maximum amount of oil for fade free performance with no cavitation. Low friction coating and a low 55psi IFP charge produces an ungodly amount of low speed suppleness and the ability for this shock to handle huge hits, repeatably while still offering insane stability while climbing is pretty clever.

There is a 2way lockout system which can be tuned to your preference, you can have it set to blow off over bumps or super firm lockout if you like getting your sprint on.

Most riders usually turn away from high end coil shocks due to the cost, but the EXT Storia comes with a lot of performance and each shock comes with two Super alloy springs which makes the EXT Storia very competitive compared to a Fox Factory DHX2 Coil. Having two springs right up is great for finding the correct spring weight and also gives another level of tuning when it comes to riding different tracks.

 Remember not all coil shocks are the same, Pinkbike says;

 "The biggest difference that I noticed was the extra traction that the Storia provided compared to the Marzocchi. It felt more stuck to the ground when faced with repeated impacts, and there was a higher level of grip when pushing into loose turns. The Storia's compression tune likely plays a large roll in that sensation – remember, it was set up exactly for my weight and bike. It is possible to alter the shim stacks in the Bomber, but that'll typically require the services of a knowledgeable suspension technician."

  • Weight 635g (210x55)
  • Two Super alloy springs included
  • Factory pre-set hydraulic bottom out control
  • Adjustable high and low speed control
  • Rebound control
  • Full custom tune for your bike / weight / riding style.